About DODO

DODO Jiu Jitsu was founded by Mathijs and Thijmen Gomperts in 2017. DODO is not merely about discipline, hard work and respect, it is also about emotional growth and about having fun.

At DODO we do not adhere to the traditional hero - worshiping hierarchies; on the mats we are all equal regardless of belt, level or role. Neither do we demand that you wave our banner with DODO fight-gear or Gi patches. No, we do not care about such trivial things, we care about your development and safety, we are devoted to helping you reach your full potential by sharing our knowledge and experience both in Gi as in No-Gi.

We provide high-quality training and do not neglect any rule-set; at DODO we aim to make you a complete submission fighter by using the full arsenal of techniques.

What we share on the mats is more than blood and sweat; we are like brothers and sisters and while we have competitive mind-sets, we do not allow our ego to get in the way of our progress.

When you fist-bump, you are responsible for yourself and for the safety of the person in front of you.

This is our way. This is the way of the DODO

DODO Samurai

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