Recurring membership

How it works:

Complete the form below and press the send button. You will receive your registration form with your personal reference number, which you need to sign and send back to us. After that is done, you are ready to train!

• Subscription costs are €65.00 per month

• You cannot cancel your membership during the first 12 months

• After 12 months, your membership is tacitly renewed, but can be cancelled with one month's notice

• The subscription can be canceled by DODO JIU JITSU without giving any reason

• You acknowledge that you participate at your own risk and that you are participating in a martial art where you are at risk of being injured or hurt

• If you have a medical condition or injury, it is your responsibility to make your instructors and your training partners sufficiently aware of this

• Access to training can be denied by DODO JIU JITSU without giving any reason